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Learning American English

Are you new to the country on the H1Visa? Indians study and practice British English. There is a lot of difference in American English and the English that Indians speak. You will notice differences in written and spoken English. The following list is compiled to familiarize you with commonly used American English and British English words and phrases.

General Words Food Related Words
Indian Words American Words Indian Words American Words
Chemist/ Medical store Drugstore/ pharmacy Cold drink Soda
Good name First name Soda Club Soda
Family name/ Surname Last name Curd Yogurt
Fagging Smoking Filter coffee Brewed coffee
Pram Stroller Nescafe Instant coffee
Two-in-One Boom box Milk powder Cream
Transistor Radio Corn Flour Corn Starch
Cell Battery Toffee Candy
Torch Flashlight Biscuit Cookies
Rubber Eraser Finger chips French fries
Fag/cigarette Smoke Groundnuts Peanuts
Condom Rubber Brown bread Wheat bread
Photograph/ snap Picture Jelly Gelatin
Drawing pins Push pins Grill Broil
Gum Glue Jug Pitcher
Goggles Sunglasses Bill Check
STD/ Trunk call Long distance call Cup Mug
Current Electricity Tongue Cleaner Tongue Scraper
Rs. 10 Note $10 Bill Drinks without ice Drinks with no ice
Posting letter Mailing letter Tinned food Canned food
Fainted Passed out Mixie Mixer/Blender
Vomit / puke Throw up

Education Related Words

Telephone Directory Phone book Indian Words American Words
Engage Tone Busy Tone College/ university School
Cross Connection Noise School High school
Cinema/ Talkies Movie theater 1st class/ standard 1st grade
Picture Movie Bunking classes Skip classes
Football Soccer Invigilator Proctor
Rugby Football Canteen Cafeteria
Beggar Panhandler Z (Alphabet) Zee (pronounced)
Dustbin Trash can Passed out Graduated
Waste Trash Mathematics Math
Pin Code Zip Code Full Stop Period
Queue Line

Clothing Related Words

Tyre punctures Flat Tire Indian Words American Words
Hotel Restaurant Gallus Suspenders
Town Side Down Town Petticoat Slip
Shopping Complex Mall Tights Pantyhose

Housing Related Words

Vest Under shirt
Indian Words American Words Waistcoat Vest
Flat Apartment Swimming costume Swim suit
Bathroom Washroom

Vegetables Related Words

Toilet/ Loo Restroom Indian Words American Words
Lift Elevator Brinjal Eggplant
Garden Yard Lady fingers Okra
Center Table Coffee Table Coriander Cilantro
Drawing Room Living Room Capsicum Bell Pepper

Driving Related Words

Generally used words

Indian Words American Words American Words Indian Meaning
Petrol Pump Gas station Airhead a stupid person
Petrol Gas Con Cheat
Diesel Fuel Cop Policeman
Dickey of car Trunk of car Kicks Enjoyment
Bonnet of car Hood of car Neat Good
Footpath/Pavement Sidewalk Later Bye
Horn Honk Straight Honest
Zebra Crossing Pedestrian Crosswalk Wheels Car
Crossroad 4-Way road Dynamite Powerful
Tram Streetcar On the rocks Drinks with ice
Motorcycle Motor bike Buck Money
Cycle Bike Blown away Greatly impressed
Highways Freeways Cut the crap Get to the point
Taking lift Getting ride Face-off Confront
Lorry Truck Mellow out Calm down
Punctures Flat tire Hang loose Relax
Crossroad Cross street Hit the sack Go to bed
Stepeny Spare Tyre Chill Calm down